Circling the Mountain

Awards & reviews:
– Listed as one of the Best Art Books of 2019 by Svenska Dagbladet
– Listed as one of the Best Photo Books of 2019 by Elizabeth Avedon
– Shortlisted for Nordic Dummy Awards
– Winner of Swedish Book Art Award 2020

Link to text here: VERK tidskrift

150×215 mm
Text and design: August Eriksson
Typography: BLANKBLANK
Language: English
Translation: Katherine Stuart
Insert printing: TMG
Slip case printing: Norrbacka tryckeri
Bookbindery: Burmanform
Folded and bound by hand
300 numbered and signed copiesĀ 
Book comes in a slipcase

Publication date: March 2019

1000 SEK signed and numbered

A monk walks around Mount Hiei night after night to empty his consciousness and transform into a living Buddha. By the end, he has walked a distance equivalent to the circumference of the Earth. August Eriksson went there to walk around the same mountain and find the wandering monk. Eriksson is interested in how perception is related to movement and the possibility of finding the meaning of life through something as seemingly futile as going round in circles.